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  Barracuda Spam Filter

All Exchange accounts as well as our top 3 web hosting packages include the Barracuda Spam and Virus filtering for free. This is the most advanced anti spam solution of this industry and blocks up to 99% of junk messages during the first week of use. In addition, you can train it to your needs by increasing the accuracy of the spam filter up to 100%.

The spam updates from Barracuda Networks (also called Energize Updates) is also updated on our Barracuda cluster every hour. This allows for the most updated spam and virus protection. In addition you will receive a daily E-Mail report of mail that was possibly categorized as spam. In this web interface, you can classify messages as spam, not spam, or whitelist.

See screen shots:
  • User based filtering. See Screen Shot The Barracuda Spam Firewall can be configured to set spam policies by the end-user on an individualized basis or on a global corporate level.
  • Individual Spam Scoring. See Screen Shot The individual spam scoring feature allows end-users to set their individual thresholds for spam tolerance providing personalized control over spam policies.
  • Personal White List and Black Lists. See Screen Shot The Barracuda Spam Firewall can be configured to allow end-users to have control over their individual allow and block lists which further reduces the chance of false positives.
  • End-User Quarantine. See Screen Shot The Barracuda Spam Firewall provides the ability to setup quarantine mailboxes where users can direct questionable E-Mail for later review. This greatly reduces the support load for large organizations.
  • Digest E-Mails. See Screen Shot A daily E-Mail is sent to all end-users with a quarantine account summarizing the contents of their individual quarantine mailboxes.
  • Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes Integration. See Screen Shot Barracuda Networks provides a software plug-in for both Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes end-users. With this tool, users can classify messages as spam or not spam in order to fine-tune the filtering and further eliminate any chance of false positives.
  Barracuda Mail Archiver

The Barracuda Message Archiver is an integrated solution designed to archive email communications sent and received by users throughout your organization.

The Barracuda Message Archiver automatically stores and indexes all email messages in real-time while making them immediately available for rapid searching and retrieval by authorized users.

This solution indexes and preserves all emails, enhances operational efficiencies and enforce policies for regulatory compliance. By leveraging standard policies and seamless access to messages, email content is fully indexed and backed up to enable quick retrieval of any email stored in your archive.

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