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  Why Have Hosted Exchange?

An Exchange environment can be expensive to setup, support and maintain. We can give you all of the benefits without this expensive investment.

You will have no worries about daily maintenance, about hardware and software upgrades or patches, about user questions and problems, about e-mail downtime and scrambling to fix it (we guarantee you 99.95% uptime!), about tech support staff and their salaries, about hiring and managing a tech support team (how many techs can you hire from $4.99 - $29.99 per month?), or any other of the dozens of headaches that can come up!

We do it all for you and thousands of other clients every single day!

Here are some reasons why having Hosted Exchange is beneficial:

  • Costs of Hosted Exchange

    Cost is the major reason why hosted Exchange is rapidly growing in popularity.

    Upfront costs are several thousand dollars for even the most basic setup, putting in-house Exchange beyond the reach of smaller businesses.

    Ongoing costs for in-house Exchange are also high. Either companies need to hire IT staff or pay consultants to fix each problem, adding thousands more in annual costs.
    Cost Of In-House Solution Hosting.ca Hosted Solution
    Servers/Hardware $10000/one time - basic setup Starting from $4.99/month
    Data $200/one time - single 500GB drive Includes 250MB, with packages up to 4GB
    Backup $2000 for an LTO Tape Drive Currently using CCR cluster mode
    E-Mail Protection $3799 for a Barracuda 400 Server Included with all Exchange
    Data/Internet Connection $300/month for T1 Includes Redundant Internet Connections
    Environment $2000/month for office Rent Includes Telco grade Data Center Environment









  • Reliability of Hosted Exchange

    Having email and collaboration that always works is now essential to doing business - and downtime is unacceptable.

    In-house Exchange servers - usually in a basement or closet not designed for sensitive IT equipment - cannot match the reliability of hosted Exchange.

    Hosted Exchange companies like Hosting.ca manage servers in a large purpose-built datacenters with redundant backup power, redundant air conditioning and redundant internet connections. Below are the main threats to your email system:
    Reliability Of In-House Solution Hosting.ca Hosted Solution
    Servers One mail server which everyone depends on a da Cluster of servers - one breaks, the other keeps running
    Data Hard drives to store mail which everone depends on Independent Storage on each server (CCR) - one disk dies, the other still runs
    Backup Manual, backup sometimes forgotten Automatic, weekly to backup server
    E-Mail Protection Using antispam software on local computers Protection by Barracuda Spam Cluster
    Data/Internet Connection Single data connection to the internet Multiple internet connections
    Environment Office cabinet in room, to store servers Tier 4 level data center (Telco grade)


  • Features of Hosted Exchange

    Exchange is great because you can expand it with add-on features. However, this is difficult in practice with an in-house system, as each feature needs to be installed from scratch.

    With Hosted Exchange, all features are already installed and ready to 'turn on' if you wish to use them. Some examples of features would be: Office Communications server, voicemail to email, fax to email, etc.





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