Canada Web Hosting

Does it matter where your web site is hosted? If you’ve heard of Google, Bing or Yahoo, then you might want to start caring.

Can Server Location Affect Potential Customers?

Picking the right web hosting company will be a difficult choice. There are thousands of web hosting companies out there providing the same product at similar prices. Many web hosting companies will appear as if they are from Canada, but fail to deliver Canadian web hosting services. Your decision is an important one that you must get right the first time. When considering your options for a web host, should you be concerned about the server location? Does it have any effect at all on your website’s page ranking?

The answer is ‘Yes and No’.

Before the Google algorithm was more black magic than anything. Now its more widely known as they publish any changes on the Google Webmaster Blog. We know for a fact that Google cares that your website is fast. Here is a link to an old blog post about site speed. Aside from Google, the most important factor would be your website viewer. They don’t have much patience for a website that loads slow.

With internet access, sites located in any country can be contacted with an average delay of 150-300 milliseconds. Anything within the same country could be as low as 10 milliseconds. In human time, that’s around a blink of an eye. Not much of a delay you might ask, but every millisecond counts to Google. To  summarize, if your customers are going to be mainly in Canada, you’ll want your website to be in Canada.

However Google has recently changed their view because some websites use content delivery networks to distribute their content and images. Now they take into consideration:

  • Server IP Address
  • All content is valid
  • Backlinks to your website
  • Any other SEO additions
  • Respective Webmaster tools can set a home Country

So in theory you could have your home country set to “Canada” and have your site hosted in the USA. But why not satisfy all the requirements  by having it all in Canada? is a REAL Canadian Web Hosting solution for you. It will have a major effect on your SEO and page ranking.