Hosted Exchange

With our Hosted Exchange 2016 and Exchange 2010 services, all of your secure emails are stored in Canada and supported by Canadians.

Exchange 2016 Mail Hosting Plans


$5/ month


$10/ month


$20/ month


All of your data will be physically located on Canadian soil. Support is done by Canadian citizens. We do not outsource or resell any of our services.

Migration Scenario

step 1 choose plan
Apply online. Mailbox space is pooled and shared with all of your users.
step 2 create mailboxes
Login to our control panel to create your mailboxes and set your passwords.
change dns step 3
Change the DNS to our servers. Import your old mail, and you’re back in business.

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Hosted Exchange Features

Mailbox Control

  • Create New Mailboxes
  • Create and Manage Resource Mailboxes
  • Create and Manage Shared Mailboxes
  • Create and Manage Linked Mailboxes
  • Support for Exchange Mailbox Litigation Hold
  • Support for Exchange Mail Domain Disclaimer
  • Manage Archive Mailbox
  • Manage Journal Mailbox
  • Manage Mailbox Email Addresses
  • Provided Advanced Exchange Mailbox Features
  • Change Mailbox Password
  • List Membership Management of Mailboxes
  • Manage Mailbox Permissions (like SendAs, FullAccess, DeleteItem)
  • Define Forwarding Account
  • Specify Incoming/Outgoing Message Size Limit

Distribution List Control

  • Create/Remove Distribution Lists
  • Change General Distribution List Settings
  • Change Advanced Distribution List Settings
  • Send Out-of-Office Message to Originator
  • Specify Message Delivery Report
  • Manage Distribution List Email Addresses
  • Add/Remove List Email Addresses
  • Select Primary Email Address
  • Manage Distribution List Mail Flow Settings

Mobile Features

  • Toggle ActiveSync Settings
  • Control BlackBerry BES
  • BlackBerry BES Activation

Public Folder Control

  • Create/Remove Public Folders
  • Automated Creation of Organization Folder
  • Change Mail Properties for Mail Enabled Public Folders
  • Display Name
  • Hide Public Folder from Exchange Address Lists
  • Specify Incoming/Outgoing Message Size Limit
  • Change Advanced Properties
  • Storage Quota
  • Deleted Items Retention
  • Age Limits
  • Manage Public Folder Email Addresses
  • Add/Remove Public Folder Email Addresses
  • Select Primary Email Addresses
  • Manage Public Folder Mail Flow Settings (Accepted/Rejected List)
  • Concealment of Root Public Folder of one Organization from Users of other Organizations
  • Mail Enable/Disable Public Folders
  • Add / Remove Public Folder Client Permissions for Mailbox users

Hosted Exchange Advantages

Move out of your internal Exchange servers and let us handle the hardware, software, licenses and spam protection. We manage the network, and you can take care of your business.
You will be able to take control over your Exchange users almost as if you were administering them from your own Exchange server. Almost full control is given to you through our control panel.
Security is a big topic, and we cover all aspects from physical to operational. All of your data is secure when hosted by us. We stay on top of security and software updates. Your data stays private and is not shared with anyone.
We support all ActiveSync hardware like iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry devices. Full synchronization of all mail, contacts, calendars, notes and tasks will happen over the air securely.
User experience with us is very important, so we need to make sure our servers are fast and not overloaded. We make sure servers are running fast and cool for the best Hosted Exchange experience. We monitor services 24/7 and add additional mailbox servers for redundancy of data.
At the end of the day we hope that you are having no problems with setup and connectivity. If you need help, we’ll be glad to help. We offer remote connectivity at no extra cost. From Canada, of course.

Free Email Migration Tool

We offer a free migration tool online that can move your old emails from another provider to our email services.

  • Migration of messages plus email folders
  • Migration from any mail server
  • Support for IMAP enabled mailboxes
  • Bulk mailbox upload
  • Web Based Tool
email migration tool

Exchange E-Mail Addons

barracuda spam firewall
E-Mail Archiving
Shrink your mailbox and archive your email. Archives are easily accessible.
Enhanced Spam Protection
Enhance your spam protection with our award winning SpamTitan solution.
blackberry hosting
BlackBerry UEM
Add an additional layer of security when pairing our hosted exchange with a BlackBerry service

Pre-Sales Questions

I'm confused on the mailboxes. Is it unlimited?

Our pricing is per mailbox. You don’t pay for aliases or mail forwards, mail contacts or distribution lists.

I'm confused on the space, how does it work?

The mailbox space is pooled. All mailbox plans share the total amount of space.

For example if you purchase 3 plans:

2 users on the 25 GB plan
1 user on the 4 GB plan

Your total space is going to be 25 + 25 + 4 = 54 GB total space.

You may allocate different sizes to each user, for example:

1 User = 45GB
1 User = 3GB
1 User = 6GB

Why are your prices so high?

In life, things are cheap for a reason. We believe in the highest quality of service at a fair cost. Here are some reasons why:

  • Support is done all in Vancouver from highly trained staff
  • Servers are located in Canada
  • Bandwidth is Canadian
  • We don’t scan your emails and direct market to you
  • We don’t sell your user information
  • We don’t spam you or harvest emails using your info

Why shouldn't I choose Microsoft to host my mail?

How long does it take for my mailboxes to be provisioned?

Typically if you apply the same day it will be done within 1 hour. We do go through some background checks on the company and domain to make sure it is clean and doesn’t send UCE/Spam.

Can I upgrade at any time?

Yes you may upgrade or downgrade any time. Let us know by opening a ticket or giving us a call.

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