Website and Online Shop Plan

We’ve built many websites over the last 25 years, and find that software these days has made things faster and more efficient. However the process is still the same. The following items below are needed for an operating ecommerce website.

  • Domain Name
  • Website Hosting
  • Website / Content Management System
  • Shopping cart software
    • Online registration setup
    • Product/Category setup
    • Shipping Methods Setup (Configure your shipping – flat rate, per item, region, free shipping, or real-time lookups)
    • 2 Taxes Setup (GST + PST)
    • Payment Setup (Cheque, PayPal, Credit Card – offline/online)
    • Promotion setup (coupons)
  • Shipment Integration For Rates Lookup (Canada Post, UPS, Fedex Canada)
    • For example: Canada Post: box setup, VentureOne account setup *
  • Credit Card Online Payment Account Setup *
  • Credit Card integration with online shopping cart *
  • Base Analytics Setup
    • Google Analytics Integration
    • Leave it open for Ads *
  • Search Engine Optimization Framework
    • Leave it open for optimization *

* Extra fees will be involved for setup or software

Other available paid services:

  • content generation
  • photography
  • graphics/stock photos
  • videos/stock videos
We should get a quote to help you find the detailed costs in building or rebuilding your site.
We will confirm with you with what items to build into your online store, products, website theme/layout.
We will start the process, and we estimate around 2 weeks if all requested information is provided.

Development Process

  1. Select website template to use
  2. Provide the requested info
  3. Install template/test
  4. Insert website content to template
  5. Setup shopping cart, insert provided items, setup tax, shipping, payment
  6. Customer first draft changes
  7. Customer last draft changes

All businesses and websites are always different and we are able to be flexible and work with you. Let us know. This process of a simple site should take only 1-2 weeks to complete if we have all of the requested info. Use the sample breakdown on the right side for detailed costs. Keep in mind that if you already have an ecommerce website or a static website, we can convert it, and redirect old links to the new store. Additional time will be required.

Website Components Breakdown

  • Template install
  • 5 page customization
    • Home page with banner
      • Products feature, footer banner with contact info
    • About us page
    • Contact us page – form submission with typical fields: name, company, email, email, phone, comments
    • FAQ page
    • News page

The following pages are just samples of what we would recommend. You’re free to change them.

Price: $3000 (website)

  • Online store install and update software
  • Category setup
  • Adding 20 products provided by customer
  • Simple shipping setup – flat rate or zone based
  • GST/PST tax setup
  • Payment setup with PayPal + possible payment gateway *

We can add real-time shipping with Canada Post and real-time credit card transactions. Credit card processing will require a small monthly payment. We use Bambora, a Canadian card processor.

$2000 (online store)

  • Shipping setup at Canada Post (UPS, Fedex Available)
  • Application for online credit card processing
  • SEO framework setup
  • SEO Yoast Pro plugin installation and setup
  • Google Analytics Setup
    • Analytics account setup
    • Google My Business setup & registration
    • Google My Business maps setup & registration

We will setup the analytics portion of the site and additional items for real-time functionality.

Price $2000 (analytics)

20 products SEO optimization for 1 keyword phrases each.

Price $2000 (seo)