Vancouver Datacenter

All of your hosted services are stored in our Vancouver Datacenter. Choose a real Canadian provider with a Canadian presence and Canadian IP addresses. Being in Canada, this is a major requirement from the Industrial Security Program.

canadian data center

Physical Security

  • Building security pass card
  • Two stage biometric authentication
  • Closed circuit cameras throughout the floor
  • Ceiling mounted video monitoring
  • Movements recorded and archived for 60 days

Network Infrastructure

  • Powered by Cisco, HP and Fortinet
  • Cisco HSRP Configuration
  • BGP4 Gigabit connectivity to multiple Fiber GigE Tier 1 Backbones
  • Monitoring 24/7 from multiple locations

Fire Supression

  • FM-200 fire supression
  • Environmental sensors and ionized smoke detectors on ceiling and floors

Climate Control

  • Leibert HVAC Units
  • N + 2 Redundancy
  • Regulated temperature at 24 degrees celsius and 45% relative humidity

Server Hardware

  • Dell PowerEdge Servers
  • Redundant Power
  • RAID5, RAID6, RAID10 Configurations
  • No shared storage

Data Center Infrastructure

  • UPS Power Backup – N + 2 redundancy
  • Climate Control – N + 2 redundancy
  • Diesel Generator for backup power while the UPS power is transitioning
  • Fire Prevention with environmental sensors on ceiling and floors

Data Center Certifications

  • SOC 2 Type II

Vancouver Data Center Info


Server Racks

ISO9001 Racks

Liebert Cooling

Multiple cooling units for redundancy

Hot Aisle

Heat is drawn from the rear and recirculated above

Raised Floors

Raised floor cooling from below

Dell Servers

We use Dell, HP and Fortinet hardware