How to configure mobile Outlook App with Hosted Exchange 2016

Setup Outlook App for Exchange

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The purpose of this documentation is to provide end-users complete configuration steps on how to setup Outlook App for Exchange 2016 email services. In this example an iPhone SE on IOS 13.5.1 was used.


Updated 10/8/2020

  1. Install the Outlook app on your iOS or Android device.
  2. Load the Outlook app and enter in your email address. Select Add Account to proceed.

    ios outlook app

  3. Enter your email address password and give it a description. You can also toggle the advanced settings icon.

    ios outlook exchange account

  4. Enter in the advanced details

    outlook app activesync

Exchange 2016 Services:
Server :
Domain:  hosting3
Username: Your email address

Exchange 2010 Services:
Server :
Domain:  hosting
Username: Your email address

Old Outlook App version below. Screenshots were from an Android Samsung S7.

1. From your phone, open the Outlook app. Select “Get Started” to start the setup process.

Setup Outlook App for Exchange

2. Enter in your full email address. Select continue on the bottom right.

3. Choose your account type. Since we are adding an Exchange account, select the “Exchange” icon.

Setup Outlook App for Exchange

4. Enter in your password for your email account. Also give it a description label to identify the account. Select the check mark on the top right to verify the settings.

5. If your account does not auto configure. It will ask you for additional details. Expand the “Advanced Settings” or you may be brought to the screen prompting for details.

The Server name will be:    

The Domain\Username will be your full email address.

Select the check mark on the right to proceed and verify details.

6. Once the account is added and you have no more to add. Select skip.

7. You will see some notes on the application.

8. Your email, calendars and contacts will sync to your phone. This is now complete. For additional advanced settings, follow the steps below.

Changing Advanced Settings

If you would like to change:

  • Syncing folders
  • Notifications
  • Signature
  • Setting auto reply

Press the menu button on the top left and you will see the “settings” gear-like icon on the bottom left.

Settings Screen for notifications, signature and other options.

Advanced Settings – Folder syncing

Folders Management

Select the folders you wish to sync or archive.