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  BES vs BIS Hosting

BES - BlackBerry Enterprise Server

BES is software that acts as the centralized link between BlackBerry wireless devices, wireless networks and enterprise applications. The server integrates with enterprise messaging and collaboration systems to provide mobile users with access to email, enterprise instant messaging and personal information management tools. All data between applications and BlackBerry devices flows centrally through the server. (your desktop account is updated so you don’t have to manage your accounts in two places. Read a message on your BlackBerry device and it’s marked as read when you return to your computer). BlackBerry Enterprise Server also allows administrators to have central control over devices, for instance to deactivate them if they are stolen.

BIS - BlackBerry Internet Service

BIS is a component of the BlackBerry Internet Solution, which allows you to integrate your BlackBerry device with up to 10 supported business or personal email accounts, send and receive instant messages, and browse web content while on the go. BlackBerry Internet Service resides on your ISP and allows you to configure your BlackBerry service through a Web based interface. You get "push" delivery of messages, mobile access to email attachments and images in popular formats, as well as access to HTML and WAP pages. BlackBerry Internet Service allows you to open attachments on the go, create a unique BlackBerry email address, and manage all your email accounts directly from your BlackBerry device

PIM - Personal Information Management

BlackBerry’s PIM includes an address book, calendar, task list, and memo pad. PIMs are designed to synchronize to each other, for instance your BlackBerry device can be synched with Microsoft Outlook.

  Basic Overview

With BES a company is able to manage their own BlackBerry fleet and fully customize the experience for the end user (via hundreds of settings and I.T Policies). When configured correctly a device connected to a BES is fully in sync with the internal mail server (and Desktop client), so all read, unread, deleted or filed items all fully in sync. This sync process applies to Email, Calendar, Contact, Tasks & Memo.

Apart from PIM data a BES will allow internet traffic to be controlled via a MDS service which enables the users to have free and unlimited internet surfing. With the latest versions of BES a full MDS Services environment has been created to allow almost anyone to create professional applications within minutes.

The BIS was designed for small businesses that have no mail server or home users who want to access email on the go. In general BIS can only wirelessly push of copy of email to the device and delete email from the POP server if the desktop client hasn't downloaded it yet. Due to this configuration the user’s mailbox and handheld are never in synch with regards to read, unread, deletions and filed emails. When it comes to PIM data BIS only allows a user to synchronize calendar, contacts, tasks & Memo via cable. The only two exceptions to this are Yahoo and Gmail users who can synch read and unread emails, and most recently Gmail also added wireless calendar support (via gmail calendar only).



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