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Phone Over-the-Air Syncing
Don’t miss out on messages while you're on the move! Microsoft Office Outlook Mobile keeps you connected to your email, calendar, and contacts with the familiar Outlook features you know from your PC.

Outlook Mobile gives you email on your terms. Exchange ActiveSync offers Direct Push Technology, enabling a seamless push email experience for compatible devices. You can sync most Windows Mobile phones over-the-air, through your mobile operator, or at a wireless hotspot. Your calendar, contacts, and tasks are up-to-date. Plus, emails and attachments arrive with their original appearance intact, so you will be able to see tables, graphics, font colors, formats and links just as they were sent.
Exchange ActiveSync is provided for free with all Hosted Exchange Email services.

No more waiting for email at your desk
Email moves in human time. Waiting for a message to arrive can mean the difference between answering the client and sealing the deal, or responding too late and missing an opportunity. Exchange ActiveSync technology is built right in to Microsoft’s Exchange Server. It allows you to receive email on your mobile device as soon as it's in delivered to your inbox, so you never miss a message.

Email the way it was meant to be seen
Support for HTML email allows you to view email as it was intended to be seen. Pictures, tables, color and emphasis are all part of modern email communication experiences. Exchange Server 2007 delivers your email to your mobile device in its full fidelity. Links take you to web pages, phone numbers can be clicked on to start a phone call, and selecting an email address starts a new email.

Your calendar in your pocket
Being mobile means more than just carrying your inbox with you; it means having mobile access to your calendar. Exchange ActiveSync allows you to carry your calendar with you. Respond to a meeting request, schedule a meeting, edit an existing meeting or add a meeting on your device and the information synchronized wirelessly with your server so the same information automatically shows up in Outlook. Mobile access to your calendar means planning meetings on the go is easy and keeping your appointments in sync is a snap.

All your contacts in the palm of your hand
When you make a new contact, you want the contact information to be instantly available no matter how you are accessing your email. Exchange ActiveSync allows you to enter once, and access anywhere. Enter a contact on your phone and it’s available the next time you’re using Outlook. Add a contact in Outlook and your phone will automatically have that contact in your contacts list. Get a new phone and all your contacts are synced to your device as soon as you enter your username and password.

The company directory is in your pocket
Exchange ActiveSync lets you search your company’s address book for anyone in it and get the information you need. You’ll be able to find the information you need right from your mobile phone, whether it’s the phone number of a colleague you need to call, the email address of someone you need to send an urgent message to or the office number of someone you have an appointment with.

Find any email in your mailbox
Mailbox sizes are getting bigger and bigger, but not everything is copied to your mobile phone. Server search allows you to search everything stored in your inbox, every folder, sub-folder, email and even attachments like PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. With server search you don’t have to store everything on your phone because everything that is on the server is available to you with a one quick search.

Identify the important stuff
Use your mobile phone to decide what messages need to be followed up when you’re back on your computer. Using message flagging, you can mark a message with a follow up flag so that when you get back to Outlook, or Outlook Web Access, you can see which messages need your attention. This lets you handle the messages on your phone that you have the answers to at the moment and also allows you to identify which messages you need to go back to once you return to your computer.

Remember to tell them you’re on vacation
Exchange allows you to automatically send a reply to people who contact you when you are out of the office. You can let them know who to contact in your absence and when you will be back. With your mobile phone you have the ability to set this out of office message. So if you leave the office without setting an away message or if need to change it as your plans change, you can turn on, off, or update your away message.

Get documents off the server while you’re out of the office
Working as a group means sharing files, and just because you’re on the road shouldn’t mean you can’t access them. With Exchange you can click links to documents in your email and access those documents shared on file shares or SharePoint servers. Mobility is about collaboration and being productive. With Exchange ActiveSync you can access the documents you need while away from your computer.

Keep your mail communications secure
Some emails are meant to be private. Exchange ActiveSync automatically takes several steps to protect your privacy. ActiveSync allows you to store the email and attachments encrypted on your phone. ActiveSync also allows you to digitally sign and digitally encrypt the contents of your email. So even if someone got access to the message itself, it would still be protected from prying eyes.



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