How to activate your BlackBerry Z10 with our BES10/BES12 Enterprise Services


This purpose of this documentation is to provide end users complete configuration steps in activating a BBOS 10 device (BlackBerry Z10 used in this example) for full syncronization.

1. From the home screen, select the “Settings” icon.

2. Select the “Accounts” option.

3. Select “+ Add Account” at the bottom.

4. Type in your full email address.

5. Type in your activation password.

6. The next step may ask you if you’re adding an existing device or replacing one. Choose “Add” or “Replace” depending on your situation.

7. You will see several screens change and give you an update of what’s happening.

8. At the end of the activation, you will be asked to set a “Work Space” password. Set this to continue the activation.

9. Because of the way the BB handles information now, you will have to create a password to protect your “Work” account from your “Personal” data. Enter a password you will use to access your “Work” information. Select “OK” to finish.

10. At some point, you may be prompted with the screen below. Select “Continue” to add this new email profile to your device.

11. A few screens will flash by. It prompts for an account password. Enter your mailbox password.

Once that has been completed, your emails will populate and you will be able to use your device.
Swap between your “Personal” and “Work” accounts by swiping your hand down the middle of the home screen.