Benefits of Exchange Email

An Exchange environment can be expensive to set up, support, and maintain. We can give you all of the benefits without this expensive investment. Here are some benefits of exchange email hosting.

You will have no worries about:

  • Daily maintenance
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Software upgrades
  • Emergency software patches
  • Office user support
  • Tech support staff and their salaries
  • Hiring and managing a tech support team
  • Controlling spam

We do it all for you and thousands of other clients every single day! The biggest benefit is probably the smartphone device and sharing capabilities. All items will be synced with your business email.

exchange email hosting

Benefits of Exchange eMail Hosting

Here are some practical things on the benefits of exchange email hosting.

  • Hosted in Canada
  • Fully utilize the features of Outlook
  • Fully sync your Android or iOS phone
  • Share your calendars
  • Give access to your email, delegate access
  • Share your contacts
  • Share your notes
  • Share your tasks
  • Create custom address lists
  • See everyone schedules when you book and create meetings
  • Compatible with BlackBerry Enterprise services

The list goes on, apply now for our exchange email services.