BlackBerry Dynamics Apps

BlackBerry Dynamics Apps are a suite of applications that are available in the hosted BlackBerry UEM plans that we offer at

blackberry uem apps

App Description
BlackBerry Work The BlackBerry Work app provides secure access to work email and allows users to view and send attachments, create custom contact notifications, and manage their messages.


For more information about BlackBerry Work, see the BlackBerry Workcontent.

BlackBerry Access BlackBerry Access is a secure browser that allows users to access work intranets and web applications. BlackBerry Access also allows you to enable access to work resources or build and deploy rich HTML5 apps, while maintaining a high level of security and compliance.


For more information about BlackBerry Access, see the BlackBerry Access content.

BlackBerry Connect BlackBerry Connect allows communication and collaboration with secure instant messaging, company directory lookup, and user presence from an easy-to-use interface on the user’s device.


For more information about BlackBerry Connect, see the BlackBerry Connect content.

BlackBerry Share BlackBerry Share allows users to securely access, download, and share documents by integrating Microsoft SharePoint and other corporate repositories with users devices.


For more information about BlackBerry Share, see the BlackBerry Sharecontent.

BlackBerry Tasks BlackBerry Tasks allows users to create, edit, and manage notes that are synchronized with Microsoft Exchange.


For more information about BlackBerry Tasks, see the BlackBerry Taskscontent.

BlackBerry Notes BlackBerry Notes allows users to create, edit, and manage notes that are synchronized with Microsoft Exchange on their mobile device of choice.


For more information about BlackBerry Notes, see the BlackBerry Notescontent.

BlackBerry Docs To Go BlackBerry Docs To Go allows users to create, edit, and format Microsoft Word documents and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that are stored in the app or shared from other BlackBerry Dynamics apps. Users can also view, edit, and present Microsoft PowerPoint presentations from their devices.


For more information about BlackBerry Docs To Go, see the BlackBerry Docs To Go content.

We offer a wide variety of BlackBerry UEM hosting plans, giving you access to these apps in your device.