FreePBX Caller ID Not Working

You will receive the Caller ID number and Caller ID name that the SIP server receives from the caller, this is exactly what will be sent to you on Incoming calls. You can always check what Caller ID number the SIP provider receives by going into your Call Detail Records to check the incoming calls.

The incoming Caller ID name, works almost the same way, except that this is an optional setting that you need to enable per DID number on the DID settings page. This option is called “CallerID Name Lookup”. When enabled, the system will perform a query on the LIBD/CNAM Database, for callers with Canadian or US CID number, in order to find a name matching that CID number. The system then will display the result of this query in the Caller ID name portion of the Caller ID, leading to a “Caller ID name”<5551231234> when people call your number.

If the calling number is already in your phone book, the name will be taken from there instead of doing a CNAM lookup on an external database.


The majority of the Canadian DID numbers support CNAM Pass-Through. This means that for your incoming calls the system won’t do a CNAM query (and also not charge you) if the incoming call already has a Caller ID name, even if the DID receiving the call has the CNAM queries enabled in your SIP providers customer portal.


On a side note, outgoing Caller ID is not guaranteed on calls to Canadian cellular numbers, even when using the Premium route. This is due to the way Canadian carriers work – they sometimes pass a random Caller ID that they have on record, changing the original. This is out of our control as it is the way Canadian carriers handle calls to cellular numbers. There are also issues with incorrect Caller ID being sent on outbound toll-free number calls from Bell Mobility (and its resellers); the display shows a disconnected Bell number in an area code corresponding to the caller’s location instead of the caller’s mobile number.