Why Hosting.ca?

Hosting.ca has been providing services to small and medium-sized businesses since 1997. We ensure that you will receive the best experience with us because:

Entire Company is 100% Canadian

Our company is 100% fully owned and operated out of Vancouver, BC. All of our staff operates out of Vancouver and no support is outsourced. We have been in the business for over 23 years and our support team will understand your needs.

Reliable Servers and Network

We use all Dell PowerEdge rackmount servers using RAID disk arrays for reliability. We do not overload our web servers with thousands of websites. We guarantee a 99.95% network uptime. All servers are stored in Tier 4 data center in Vancouver BC Canada allowing for maximum security and network stability.

We Don’t Give You False Hopes

We don’t falsely advertise our services. We don’t offer “unlimited” hosting or say certain things that we cannot provide. You can trust us with running your business.

Profitable and Debt Free

Hosting.ca is a privately funded company that is debt-free. We own all hardware to run the web and exchange hosting operations. We do not lease any equipment or hardware. Unfortunately we have seen customers’ websites shut down due to poorly run web hosts. We are here to stay.

Growing and Changing With Market

Hosting.ca understands changes and new technologies must be offered to survive in this industry. We also understand that your business is very important and that we are able to scale with you. Whatever requirements you may have, we can grow with you.

Price Guarantee

The monthly price that you pay for your account is always guaranteed to be the same. We will not let you pay any more than you are now.

Our Service Guarantee

Every web hosting package comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee from the day you sign up. If you find that we could not help or service you with your needs, you will be given a full refund. This 30-day money-back guarantee doesn’t include professional consulting fees, purchased services like domain names, SSL certificates, dedicated servers, BlackBerry services, or Exchange Mail Hosting. Please check with us before for clarification.

Canadian IP Addresses

The internet is very transparent and registrations of IP addresses and where they are located are easily found. All of our IP addresses are Canadian and located in Canada. We know many Canadian web hosting companies that are indeed operating from the USA.

Live Demo Accounts

We provide live domain accounts with provisioned services. Before you spend all of your time migrating and find that something isn’t working the way you expected it, save time by using our live demo accounts. You can use almost any service we offer with the live domain name.

Public Works Canada Audited

We’re a registered member of the Public Works Canada Industrial Security Program. We handle your information according to their rules.