Why is it important to keep my contact information updated?

Our systems are set up to send most communications through email. Messages such as Invoice notifications, Transaction notifications, Disk Quota issues, Bandwidth issues, etc. are all sent through email. It’s imperative that you keep your contact information updated.

Also, if you communicate with our Tech Support staff by opening a Trouble Ticket from within the Control Panel, their reply will be to the Contact email address on your account.

If you fail to maintain valid contact information in your accounts, you may miss an important message concerning your account.

Sometimes you may want to add additional contacts to your account so that they can create tickets on your behalf, we usually verify this by your contact information on file.

Also, Domain Registrars periodically send notices to domain owners and ensure that they are up to date. If owners do not respond to these emails, domains sometimes get suspended until the owner verifies.

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