Can I have custom on-hold music?

Yes you can use any music you like for on-hold music. You can also have different music on different extensions. You can even create a custom on-hold commercial mixing music with marketing messages for callers to hear while they wait. You can now upload music-on-hold and on-hold commercials at the control panel at

The Music on Hold is intended to reassure callers that they are still connected to their calls. The PBX comes with 11 built-in songs that are the default hold music. You can easily add your own music or sound files to the system by uploading them in .wav or .mp3 format, or stream a live feed.

Upload a WAV or MP3 File

Here you can use the file section box to upload a WAV or MP3 from your computer.

You will click Choose File

You will then be prompted to specify the location on your local computer where the sound file is located. Depending on your browser, you may be able to drag and drop the file directly to the “Choose File” box.

Volume Adjustment

Here you can increase or decrease the volume of this specific MoH file before uploading it. Once the file has been uploaded, you cannot make changes to the volume without deleting the file and uploading it again with the adjusted levels.


Press this button to actually upload your MoH file. If you’re uploading an MP3 file, you will need to wait for the page to completely load after submitting because the system is converting the MP3 to WAV format.