Need a private messaging solution?

Fed up with all the privacy issues with messaging apps? Need a private messaging solution? Instant messaging in the workplace, unsurprisingly, has increasingly become popular over the past decade. Fast, immediate, and convenient,
instant messaging appeals strongly to employees looking to communicate
and collaborate in real-time with colleagues. However, the risks of data leakage that come with instant messaging are often overlooked. This is not private messaging at all.

private messaging

Thanks to advancements in instant messaging over the years, users can
instantly see who’s online and available, create group chats and share web
links, files, and images, in addition to text and, more recently, voice messages. All of these functionalities help employees work together more productively in real-time, with status and delivery notifications despite geographical barriers. However, productivity gains aside, organizations often overlook the importance of securing instant messaging platforms and its content.

Unsecured communication leaves organizations open to spying and attacks
by competitors, malicious parties, and foreign governments. It also leaves
them vulnerable to data leakage resulting from lost or stolen phones.
Businesses must adopt a secure enterprise private messaging app to ensure
meeting the GDPR’s strong data protection and compliance standards.
They also need to take extra precaution to implement and adopt a secure
enterprise messaging app or solution and infrastructure to ensure business
productivity, while maintaining user experience.

The Private Messaging Solution

BBM® Enterprise helps to fill the gaps in the communications security of any organization that has to meet GDPR data protection standards. BBM Enterprise offers an enhanced security model for instant messaging, voice, and video communications on any platform, including AndroidTM, iOS®, BlackBerry® 10, Windows® and macOS®. It delivers the proven BlackBerry security that’s trusted by thousands of companies and users around the world, to protect your most important assets – your privacy and business data. BBM Enterprise can be hosted and managed in-country to meet data severity requirements where relevant and required.

Private by Design

GDPR requires that the private messaging app complies with the privacy
by design principle. When a BBM Enterprise user sends a message, their
conversation is automatically secured with enterprise-grade encryption, even if the recipient is a non-BBM Enterprise user. This enables a BBM Enterprise user to extend an enterprise-grade security interaction with external contacts, such as clients, customers, and partners. With the ability to deploy BMM Enterprise on an on-premise server, no other organization has access to any of your user’s data that is shared via IM. This ensures that your corporate data remains in your possession.

See our BBM Enterprise messaging plans, and take control of your private messaging today.