Protected Plus

Protected Plus is an extra non-default feature of earlier versions of the BBM Enterprise app that makes all of your users’ chats use BBM Enterprise, even if their recipients use the BBM app instead. After you turn on Protected Plus, BBM Enterprise encryption is used for all messages in chats.

About the Protected Plus feature

By default, this feature is turned on for users in your organization that are using the following versions of BBM Enterprise:

  • BBM Enterprise for Android™ version 1.1 or newer
  • BBM Enterprise for iOS version 1.1 or newer
  • BBM Enterprise for BlackBerry 10 version 1.1 or newer

With Protected Plus turned on, chats with all of the user’s contacts become protected chats, even if some of the user’s contacts are not part of your organization. If users in your organization are using one of the versions above, Protected Plus is on by default, and chats with all contacts are protected. If users in your organization are using BBM Enterprise 1.0, or an older version of BBM Protected on a BlackBerry device, the Protected Plus feature is turned off by default, and you must assign the Protected Plus feature to those users.

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