SmarterMail IMAP Setup on Android

Follow our screenshots to have Smartermail IMAP Setup on your Android device. These instructions were made from a Samsung S9 device. This config is applicable to the SmarterMail email plans.

Key Pieces of Information Required

  • Email Address
  • Email Password – The best way is to check by logging into webmail.
  • Server Name:
  • For IMAP:
    • IMAP Incoming Port: 993 SSL Encryption or 143 TLS Encryption
  • For POP:
    • POP Incoming Port: 995 SSL Encryption
  • SMTP Outgoing Port: 587 TLS Encryption or 465 SSL Encryption works too

Setting up on an Android Device

1. Click the Settings Icon

android imap setup

2. Select Accounts and backup

3. Select Add Account

4. Select Email – as we are using the standard built in email app from Samsung.

5. Select “Other”

6. Select “IMAP account”

manual setup

7. Enter in the details for the account.

Email address: your email address
Username: your email address
Password: your email password

8. Incoming Mail Server settings

IMAP server:
Security type: TLS
Port: 143

9. Enter in the Outgoing server settings. Select Sign-in when all is complete.

SMTP server:
Security type: TLS
Port: 587
Require authentication to send emails: ON
Email: your email address
Password: your email password

That’s it. Your account will save and be added.

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