What is BlackBerry UEM?

what is blackberry uem

What is BlackBerry UEM?

What is BlackBerry UEM? BlackBerry UEM is a multiplatform EMM solution from BlackBerry that provides comprehensive device, application, and content management with integrated security and connectivity. Basically its software that can manage your company devices and security of information.

You can:
  • Manage BlackBerry 10, iOS, macOS, Android (including devices that use Android for Work and Samsung KNOX), Windows (including Windows 10 tablets and computers), and BlackBerry OS (version 5.0 to 7.1) devices
  • Use a simple web-based interface to manage BYOD, COPE, and COBO devices and protect business information
  • Manage complex fleets of devices using comprehensive reporting and dashboards, dynamic filters, and robust search capabilities
  • Keep mobile workers connected with the information that they need
  • Allow users to activate their own devices with BlackBerry UEM Self-Service
  • Ensure data security across iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry devices

What does it mean in English?

  • You can add your corporate email securely
  • Your personal data and corporate data will still be separate
  • There is an additional layer of security in your containerized apps.

What do I need to get BlackBerry UEM working?