What is unlimited hosting?

Unlimited Hosting, Is it Real?

Have you ever bought a new computer with unlimited space? Have you purchased a new phone with unlimited space? Chances are, probably not. Probably one of the main factors in choosing a web host is space! If something is too good to be true, it most likely isn’t. If you do know where to purchase these “unlimited sized” hard drives, please let us know. We’d like to get our hands on one. What is unlimited hosting? First off, its not real.

Don’t be fooled by hosting companies offering unlimited space.

You might ask why hosting companies do this? Mostly for marketing. Every server has a capacity limit for storage, and there is just a hard limit. Period. Don’t expect those cheap hosts to give you unlimited space for $5/month. If they do, there are definitely strings attached.

Web hosting is in fact a labor intense service. We need to keep servers updated, secure and running fast, and constantly monitoring resources. Don’t expect everything for nothing. The reality is that most websites are not large, or have heavy images to host, or have a tonne of videos.. so they mainly target those customers that don’t need the resources. It will be transparent and seem “unlimited” to you. So if you do have a small site, it might work out.

Let’s check out some real examples of other hosting companies out there that offer UNLIMITED or UNMETERED hosting…

Hostgator offers the BABY PLAN for $3.95 USD! Killer deal for unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space if you ask me! But wait, according to their acceptable use policy, you can’t have more than 100,000 files, or they don’t backup your files. Not to mention a bunch of MySQL restrictions. It also means that your website may not work sometimes.

WebHostingHub offers a $4.99/month USD! Another killer deal for unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited email addresses! But wait, according to their terms of service,  if you store more than 10GB of files, they won’t back up OR may be asked to reduce the size of your account. Even mailboxes storing more than 2GB is not allowed.

Web Hosting Canada offers a $3.99/month CAD! Unlimited disk, blah blah, you get the point. Again, their terms of service state, you can only send 200 emails per hour per account. But check this out: “Emails sent after the 200th in one hour will not be delivered.” 20MB attachments or larger aren’t allowed. Well that’s not good. Can’t send email?

Why do hosting companies do this?

They hope to offer you the world, and hope even more that you don’t even use it. Simple as that, overselling. Sort of like how airlines overbook their seats. They just hope it gets filled up to the max.

Does Hosting.ca have these kind of restrictions?

We have plan restrictions in which plan you buy. Each of our plans have different resources allocated to just you. If we guarantee space to you – you are free to use that because its yours to use.

Do we limit email sending or transmission of emails? No, we don’t limit the recipients, however we only limit the amount of bandwidth which your plan has been allocated.

Do we ever stop backing up your account? No. You pay for the space, we need to back it up.

You get the point. Our hosting plans are more expensive, but you get the proper support and way less restrictions on your account.

All web hosting is not equal, and typically just like in life, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

We have many web hosting plans available. Not the cheapest, but worth every penny. Now you might know what unlimited hosting is, false advertising.